José Mourinho speaks after Roma lose 4-1 to Genoa

Jose Mourinho responded to Roma's disappointing performance against Genoa in their 4-1 loss.

In his post-match interview with DAZN, Mourinho remarked, "After the game, I didn't engage with the players, and in such situations, I don't feel inclined to dissect the match or address the media's inquiries."

"We began poorly, the initial goal we conceded was subpar, much like the one against Verona. We did display a reaction, but after Llorente's injury following the equalizer, the team's structure deteriorated."

"At 2-1, Mancini received a yellow card, and given the referee's demeanor, we thought it wise to substitute him, leading to another alteration in the team's setup. Following the disallowed goal, I believed we had a chance to level the score. They adopted a deep defensive stance, and although we had possession and control, our play lacked quality and opportunities. We struggled to create chances with players adept at playing on the wings. Once it reached 3-1, the game was effectively over, and 4-1 felt out of place."

"I won't delve into extensive analysis, but it's worth noting that while Ibanez made some notable errors with the ball in select matches, he provided us with remarkable defensive stability. The contrast in our performance with and without Smalling is evident. When we're short on players, our defensive solidity falters. Any shot on target seems to find the net, and I'm not singling out Rui Patricio."

"This marks the most challenging start to a season in my career," Mourinho continued. "However, it's also the first instance in Roma's history where we've reached two consecutive European finals."

"Genoa played just 48 hours before our match and lost two players. It's not an extraordinary occurrence; yesterday, five players across the league suffered muscle-related injuries. Llorente, too, isn't in peak condition, given his history of injuries. He's often been plagued by injuries, and playing three consecutive games isn't a major surprise to me."

"We are a team with strengths and weaknesses. There's no room for despair, except within our internal circles and in connection with my rapport with the fans. It pains me deeply; it's not just a personal matter but a collective one. Tomorrow, we will return to our work. The upcoming match is worth three points, not 6/7/8, but it holds significant importance for us to achieve success."
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