Lorenzo Pellegrini speaks after Roma LOSE to Genoa

In the aftermath of Roma's surprising defeat against Genoa at the Marassi stadium, Lorenzo Pellegrini took a moment to reflect on their disappointing performance.

He shared his insights on Roma's lackluster start to the season during an interview with DAZN, expressing his concerns. "We conceded an early goal, managed to equalize, and displayed a strong reaction, but then they scored again. It's crucial for us to bounce back and secure a win this Sunday. It's simply unacceptable that Roma only has five points in the first month of football. We need to step up and change our situation."

Looking ahead to the upcoming match against Frosinone, Pellegrini acknowledged the pressure they were under. "We're well aware of the high stakes in the upcoming match; we have no choice but to win. To navigate through tough times, we have to put in more effort than ever before. That's the only way forward for us."

Reflecting on the Genoa match, he admitted, "There was a moment when it felt like we could salvage a draw, but they scored again, making things even more challenging. It's disheartening to see us with only 5 points in the standings. Clearly, there are areas where we need significant improvement."

Pellegrini emphasized their commitment to the fans, stating, "After the match, we made it a point to face our supporters out of respect. They understand that we're giving our best for them. We recognize the immense love they have for us and the sacrifices they make. This gesture was for them. Moving forward, we'll continue to fight harder than ever before, acknowledging that what we're doing now is not enough."

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