José Mourinho speaks before Roma-Frosinone

Roma manager Jose Mourinho addressed the media today ahead of the crucial league clash against Frosinone.

"How does Roma reset after Genoa? We want to win, we must win," emphasized Mourinho at the start of his pre-match press conference.

"We're not seeking excuses or avoiding responsibility. We played three games before the transfer window closed, which placed a noticeable burden on many players. However, I expected that burden to disappear once the window closed, especially after our positive results against Empoli and in the Europa League."

Reflecting on recent challenges, Mourinho shared, "The last-minute draw in Torino didn't happen under normal conditions due to the surprising upsets we've seen across Serie A. In normal circumstances, it would've been positive, but unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Things worsened for us when we experimented with moving Cristante, shifting to a four-man defense, and other tactics. Initially, it seemed like we could secure a draw, but instead, Genoa scored from a dead ball situation, followed by a fourth goal shortly after."

Addressing questions about his job status and contract extension, Mourinho stated firmly, "Three months ago, I assured the fans, players, and the president that I would stay. Despite a tempting job offer this summer, I declined it due to my commitment."

He added, "I'm not the sole problem with the team's performance. Football depends on various factors, and it's unfair to pinpoint one person as responsible. I'll remain here every day, honoring my word to this club. Only Dan Friedkin can decide otherwise before June 30. If not, I'll continue working with my players for this club."

Unfazed by external pressure, Mourinho asserted, "I'm not afraid of criticism. Tomorrow, I'll be at the stadium with my players, as always. We'll take full responsibility for our actions before, during, and after the game. Our focus is solely on winning because the team needs it."
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