Romelu Lukaku speaks to Serie A TV

Romelu Lukaku spoke to Serie A TV recently and here's what was said:

“I have faith in this team. We have to work together to do well, we have to be humble and improve every day to try to get good results. It’s my way of doing things, I hope to help the team achieve their best.”

“When we were close to the agreement between the two clubs, many people around me began to tell me that people were waiting for me, hoping for my arrival. I was really focused on preparing well to get in shape. And when I arrived I really wanted to live the moment, I got excited, it further motivated me to give everything to this team.”

“It just took one quick phone call to convince me to come here, the owners called me a few days before the deal was completed. We talked for about half an hour about the ambition of this club and then everything went very smoothly from there.”

“Mourinho? Since I was 11 I wanted to work with him. I can say that for the third time I will be able to work with him. He knows me well as a man, he knows my family, and I know him. Together we can do beautiful things. We have a good team, we have to work and try to improve game after game.”

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